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Siberian Serenade

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About Siberian Serenade

At Siberian Serenade, we are obsessed with the Siberian Forest Cat breed.

This happened unexpectedly when I discovered I had developed an allergy to cats. I was saddended to think that we could never have a cat again.

My daughter loooved cats and her birthday was approaching. I wondered if there was such a thing as a hypo-allergenic breed.

I searched the internet and discovered the Siberian!


I loved the description of the Siberian personality and thought that one would fit perfectly into our family. I contacted a breeder and we were so lucky to welcome our 1st Siberian. Our new pet was THE BEST cat I had ever known and the obsession was born. 


About the Siberian Forest Cat breed

Siberians are the perfect mix of affection and independence. They will greet you at the door and follow you around 'helping' with all the chores and activities of the household.

Siberians have the most adorable voice. They chirp and warble and have a cute little meow. They love to snuggle, knead and purrr.

They will let you know if they want something or if they think you aren't giving them enough attention. Generally, they are happy to fit into any household dynamic and get along well with all family members and pets.


How to Adopt a Kitten

Our 1st litter of kittens have arrived!!!

Three beautiful boys and a girl. Queen Shemiaka Piper is the most attentive and perfect mother to her babies.!

Click on the "Current Kitties" button at the top of the page for more details and photos.

We are currently the only registered breeder of wonderful Siberian's in the state of Victoria (Australia), but we can arrange transport if you live elsewhere.

Please contact me if you are interested in welcoming a new kitty into your life.


Siberians have the reputation of producing less of the FelD1 protein most commonly associated with causing the cat allergy in humans.

There may be varying levels of FelD1 from each cat,  and each human individual  will have varying tolerances to the protein. 

If you experience a reaction that is beyond your capacity to keep your new Serenade cat, we will support you in finding a solution.



* Diploma of Applied Science (Animal Technology)

* over 25 years caring for and breeding animals

* Victorian State Government Certificate for Responsible Cat Ownership

* Animal Welfare Victoria Certificate for Breeding Dogs and Cats Course

Siberian Serenade is registered with the GCCFV under prefix Serenade.

Our PER Source # is RB246361

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